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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a watermark bathroom faucet cost?

$155.25 Watermark Wall Mounted 3 Hole Lavatory Set with 8 3/4" spout 2-3/4" H 37-2.2M $591.75 Watermark Loft 2.0 Wall mounted Hand Shower Set with Slim... 23-HSHK3 $594.00 Watermark Wall Mounted Paper Holder 22-0.4 $213.75 Watermark Shower Arm with Flange SS-703AF $165.00 Watermark Stratford Widespread Lavatory Faucet 2-3/4" H 321-2 $584.25

How much does a watermark wall mount tub spout cost?

Watermark Wall Mount Tub Spout 22-WBS $368.25 Watermark Antiscale Shower Head SH-PRE50 $458.25 Watermark Gramercy Widespread Lavatory Faucet

What are the different types of faucet designs?

Using painstaking processes to achieve the most unique designs and finishes, this collection has three distinct designs; a dimple pattern, an ogee or mermaid scale pattern, and a more traditional diamond pattern. To achieve these finishes, we double machine and double plate each faucet.

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