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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there water parks in Ohio?

There are plenty of water parks throughout Ohio. They include standalone outdoor water parks, such as The Beach in Mason, as well as outdoor water parks attached to amusement parks, such as Cedar Point Shores at the enormous Cedar Point. For year-round water slide fun, the state also boasts plenty...

Is there a water park in Mason BC?

Family fun awaits when you visit our water park in Mason - start your vacation today! from - to -. Alberta Falls Descend four stories on this exhilirating tandem tube ride to give your pack four times the fun!

What parks are in Mason?

Visit the 301 acres of developed parks in Mason: 1 Meadows Park 2 Thomas P. Quinn Park 3 Frank Hosea Woods Park 4 Corwin M. Nixon Park 5 Sundin Fields at Heritage Oak Park 6 Pine Hill Lakes Park 7 Mason Sports Park

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