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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go inside the Washington Monument?

You can see the Washington Monument any day you like, but to go inside you’ll have to reserve free tickets, available at the Washington Monument Lodge, or online. Tickets sell out fast. For more info, click here. The monument is open every day of the year except for July 4th, and December 25th.

How many steps are inside the Washington Monument?

If you count the bottom ramp, 898 steps. If you are planning to go to Washington D.C. and want to go up the monument, you will be carried up by an elevator. Since 1976, the steps have been closed to the public.

What is special about the Washington Monument?

5 Things You Might Not Know About the Washington Monument Plans for the monument began even before Washington was elected president. ... The original design for the monument was much different than what ended up being built. ... The monument was once the site of a hostage situation. ... The monument has survived an earthquake. ... More items...

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