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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Washington Monument in Fallout 4?

The Washington Monument appears only in Fallout 3, and is mentioned in Fallout 4 by Robert MacCready. It also appears in the Atomic Command Pip-Boy game in Fallout 4 .

What is the Washington Monument?

The Washington Monument is a large, pre- War obelisk at the center of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in 2277 . The Washington Monument is a United States presidential memorial completed on December 6, 1884, commemorating the first president of the United States, George Washington .

Where is the Washington Monument located at Level 330?

^ "Inscription at level 330 – Washington Monument, High ground West of Fifteenth Street, Northwest, between Independence & Constitution Avenues, Washington, District of Columbia, DC". 1994. ^ The Cambrian, vol. XVII, p. 139. 1897.

Is there a waiting area at the Washington Monument?

The waiting area is outdoors and exposed to sun, wind, ambient temperature, and precipitation. No bathrooms, water, food, or other amenities are available inside the Washington Monument. The nearest restrooms are in the Washington Monument Lodge, located at the bottom of the hill to the east of the monument along 15th Street.

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