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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Washington Monument's purpose?

The Washington Monument is an obelisk within the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate George Washington , once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army (1775-1784) in the American Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States (1789-1797).

How many stones are in the Washington Monument?

So far there are an estimated 196 lost stones for the Washington Monument (the 13 bricks count as 1 item), from all sources, versus 193 gift stones that are there.

What are the monuments in Washington State?

Washington Monument State Park. Located atop South Mountain, Washington Monument State Park is named for the first completed monument dedicated to the memory of George Washington. The Washington Monument is a rugged stone tower that was initially erected by the citizens of Boonsboro in 1827.

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