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Frequently Asked Questions

How long did it take to build the Washington Monument?

It took 30 years to build the Washington Monument. It was finished in 1884 but it didin't open untill 1888. Construction had to be stopped during the Civil War.

How many people visit the Washington Monument in a year?

When the Washington Monument is open, more than 800,000 people visit the Monument each year — meaning that there’s often a line. You can pick up free, timed, same-day tickets at the Washington Monument Lodge, located along 15th Street, starting at 8:30 a.m.

How long has the Washington Monument been standing?

The Washington Monument is a building constructed of 82 000 tons of stone and standing 550 feet high and is the tallest free-standing masonry structure in the world. The load bearing walls are 15 feet thick at the base and 18 inches thick at the top. completed more than 125 years ago, it was designed to last for centuries, but even in the time of humans the stone was beginning to deteriorate.How long will it last?

What are some facts about the Washington Monument?

Washington Monument Facts. The Monument is built of free-standing masonry which means there is no cement holding the blocks together. The original elevator ride took 8-10 minutes (A common myth is that the elevator ride was deemed unsafe for women & children when it opened to the public).

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