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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track a MoneyGram money order?

A MoneyGram money order can be tracked by calling the company at 800-542-3590. The automated system requests the order number and dollar amount of the money order. If the intended recipient says he has not received the money order after 2 weeks, the sender may request a copy of the order or a refund. MoneyGram...

How much does it cost to send a MoneyGram at Walmart?

Walmart MoneyGram prices are based around the amount of money transferred, with the following fees charged: Walmart MoneyGram prices for transfers between 0 and $50 - $4.50 As you can see, the prices are certainly affordable across the board, offering a cost-effective way to transfer money across the country or abroad.

How to send a MoneyGram at Walmart?

How to Send a MoneyGram at Walmart Basics of MoneyGram Walmart Transfers. Walmart offers money transfers through the MoneyGram and Ria services, where the latter also supports Walmart-to-Walmart transfers. Sending MoneyGram Through Walmart's App. ... Sending MoneyGram at Walmart Store. ... Using Walmart's MoneyGram Website. ...

Does Walmart still not cash MoneyGram money orders?

Walmart will ONLY cash cash Moneygram money orders that were purchased FROM a Walmart location. The fees for this are $3 up to and including $1000 money orders and $6 for orders between $1001-$5000. Not free. Nothing is free and Walmart didn't become a billion dollar entity taking risks for no quantitative return.

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