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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of grocery shopping at Walmart?

Grocery shopping at Walmart is perfect for people or families on a tight budget. It can help people get high-end brands at seriously discounted prices.

What are the best things to buy at Walmart?

At Walmart Grocery, you will find nutritious leafy greens for salads, hearty potatoes for roasting or mashing, and pre-cut veggies like squash, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms for easy sides. Shop for your favourite fresh fruits as well, including peaches, apples, and cherries.

Can you order groceries online from Walmart?

With Walmart's offering, you can place an order online and reserve a no-contact pickup or delivery time. The service is available through the Walmart Grocery app and the web. The company doesn't charge mark-ups or hidden fees, with the prices the same as they are in-store.

What is the Walmart app?

The Walmart app has been redesigned to make it easy to shop for everything you need in one place. You can schedule delivery of fresh groceries, or order the latest technology to be picked up at your local store or delivered directly to your front door.

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