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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order groceries from Walmart?

Download the Walmart Grocery App. Or order grocery through their website. The Walmart grocery pickup is simple! Trust me. You can download their official Walmart grocery app or visit their online store. Add whatever you need to the cart. Veggies, fruits, or drinks; order it all.

What is the minimum order for Walmart grocery delivery?

Just keep in mind that pickup and delivery both require a $35 minimum. You then reserve a time slot to pick up your groceries or, depending on your location, have them delivered. Note that Walmart delivers to only certain zip codes. Another key benefit of Walmart+ that I use regularly is free 2-day shipping on any order placed on

How much does Walmart grocery delivery cost?

If you select delivery from Walmart Grocery, the delivery fee starts at $7.95. It varies depending on the time slot. The delivery fee will be shown when you check out. Walmart Grocery pickup is free, though there may be a fee to get your pickup faster.

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