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Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes are good for arch support?

Another highly rated shoe with good arch support is the Addiction Walker, which gets plenty of support from the plantar fasciitis sufferers. It’s billed as more of a casual shoe, yet has the fit and feel of a running shoe.

What are the best sneakers for arch support?

Dansko Marcelle Shoes are known for their overall superior arch support, especially for those who stand or work on their feet for extended hours. Often recommended by podiatrists, Dansko is most comfortable, protective, and allows feet to breathe.

What are the most comfortable shoes for walking?

The best and most comfortable walking shoes have a rubber and/or flared outsole to help you remain stable on your feet in any terrain. 7. The best walking shoes have a firm compression EVA midsole and breathable upper to help control foot moisture. sometimes they will have a Goretex lining.

What is foot arch support?

Arch Support. The arch of the foot is the curve that starts at the ball of the foot and extends to the heel. Ideally, both arches should match so that the body is balanced as you walk. Sometimes the arch of the foot can fall flat or change shape over time, causing pain throughout the foot. Arch support for flat feet is very important.

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