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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear running shoes for walking?

Plus, several classic running shoes can truly work well for both activities. These Shoes Are Made for Walking (and Standing) Walking shoe designs favor support, stability, and, as we mentioned already, comfort (with added breathability).

Which shoes give you the most energy when you walk?

Some shoes, like this one, are designed to put an actual pep in your step. Skechers’ Hyper Burst midsole is a lightweight, resilient foam with spherical cells that compress and rebound as you step. That means the Go Walk Hyper Burst offers next level cushioning while you stride.

Are walking shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

If you’re recovering from plantar fasciitis or have significant need for support throughout your day at work, walking shoes can play a big part in pain relief and comfort. They’re an ideal choice for those who utilize walking as their main choice of exercise.

What are the best hiking shoes for You?

Less bulky than a traditional hiking shoe but with many of the same high-tech features, the Gateway is great for when your walks take you on both roads and trails. Its lightweight, water-resistant upper kept our feet dry during rainy treks in the Pacific Northwest.

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