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Frequently Asked Questions

Which superfeet for flat feet?

Superfeet Insoles For Flat Feet. There are three models of Superfeet insoles for flat feet: green, black and blue. You can purchase the one according to the severity of your flat foot and overpronation as they provide a different amount of arch support.

What are the best walking shoes for women with wide feet?

This shoe is available in a wider width for those who have wider feet or a foot condition. Orthaheel technology for better support and comfort. Lightweight durable synthetic mesh. A podiatrist-designed orthotic footbed for a better and more supportive fit.

Does wearing flat shoes hurt your feet?

Flat shoes are designed for comfort and effective walking. However, even flat shoes can hurt your feet if they do not have arch support to help keep your feet in the proper position while walking. Flat shoes can also help minimize your height and give you an appearance and a feeling of being ready for anything.

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