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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nike Waffle Trainer 2?

Bringing you the original look of Nike running, the Nike Waffle Trainer 2 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Swoosh. From its iconic Waffle sole and throwback materials that nod to '70s athletics to the original Swoosh design, it pays tribute to Nike's humble beginnings.

What is the Oregon Waffle Trainer?

The origins of the Oregon Waffle, afterwards named the Waffle Trainer, derive from Bowerman's experiments with a simple waffle iron, the grooves of which proved to be a near perfect mold for a running shoe. Now protected under United States patent #3,793,750, Bill's idea was essentially a track spike without the spikes.

What shoes have waffle soles?

As it was tweaked over time, the original waffle sole went on to be used in a wide variety of Nike products, from the Astro Grabber and the Nike Elite to the game-changing Tailwind, and even shoes for American football.

Did Bill Bowerman really invent the waffle iron?

No one really kept track of the famous waffle iron itself, until a rusted appliance was unearthed near a house in Coburg, Oregon where former Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman once lived. The fossilized waffle iron was serendipitously discovered by the wife of Bill's son, Jon Bowerman, along with shoe treads that were handmade by Bill.

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