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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between vscodevim and VSCode-Neovim?

VSCodeVim and vscode-neovim are implemented differently. VSCodeVim simulated the Vim controls using JavaScript code and directly manipulated the text buffer within VSCode. On the other hand, vscode-neovim uses an actual Neovim instance. The key presses are sent directly to the neovim instance and the text buffer is manipulated by Neovim instead.

What is neovimneovim?

Neovim is a fork of VIM to allow greater extensibility and integration. This extension uses a full embedded Neovim instance, no more half-complete VIM emulation! VSCode's native functionality is used for insert mode and editor commands, making the best use of both editors.

How can I improve my experience with vscodevim?

One final way to enhance your VSCodeVim experience is by integrating it with Neovim, the modern fork of Vim. When you integrate both editors, VSCodeVim will use Neovim to execute all Command-line mode commands. This will result in faster command execution and the addition of a slew of useful commands to your VSCodeVim arsenal.

How do I undo in vscodevim?

In VSCode, or any common software really, the short cut to perform an undo is Ctrl/Cmd + z. In VSCodeVim, the vim u undoing and VSCode control-z undoing has different behavior. Again using the macro example above, we take a look at the difference in behavior in the u undo and control-z undo:

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