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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Visual Studio Code on a headless Raspberry Pi?

Jim Bennett from Microsoft, who showed you all how to get Visual Studio Code up and running on Raspberry Pi last week, is back to explain how to use VS Code for remote development on a headless Raspberry Pi.

What is Visual Studio Code (vs Code)?

Visual Studio Code, or VS Code, is a free, open source, developer’s text editor with a whole swathe of extensions to support you coding in multiple languages, and provide tools to support your development.

What is headless mode in edge?

In headless mode, the browser doesn’t pop in a separate window: The Network pane is the second most-used feature in the Microsoft Edge DevTools, so last year we released a separate standalone extension to integrate the Network pane into VSCode.

Is Visual Studio Code the right choice for web development?

Visual Studio Code has a lot of features that make our lives as developers easier, but rightfully sticks to what it does best – being a light-weight programming environment. When we build products for the web, though, programming them is often not enough.

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