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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the V3 red impostor look like in Meltdown?

The V3 Red Impostor's poses in Meltdown seem to indicate he is more stressed than usual, with more sweat, and a tear on the right side of his visor compared to V2. He may also be having suicidal thoughts in meltdown do to the gun pointed more at his head in his right pose, rather than Boyfriend in the previous songs.

What is FNF vs impostor V3 (Among Us)?

Welcome to a brand new episode in the world of Friday Night Funkin which is called FNF vs Impostor V3 (Among Us). This new mod comes with 3 new weeks, songs, new characters and clashes. The 3.0 update has been improved in terms of quantity and quality of content.

What does the imposter do in Among Us?

The Impostor is the main playable antagonist of Among Us, who has the role of killing all crewmates and sabotaging their ship. They appear in the FNF mod, VS Impostor, with the mod being made by Clowfoe and Team Funktastic.

What does the impostor's voice sound like?

The Impostor uses the pizzicato from the "Dead Body Reported" sound as its voice. in Ejected you can hear among us drip song The vocal melodies in their songs change to various references. At 1:04 in Sussus Moogus, the melody is a reference to an infamous remix of Dead Body Reported, commonly called "Among Us Drip Theme"

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