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Frequently Asked Questions

Are volunteers required to work in the VoCA program?

Volunteers are not required to work in the VOCA program unless the time is used as in-kind match. All supervision, background checks, training requirements, file documentation, etc. for volunteers providing direct services to victims must be consistent with the agency policy for paid staff providing the same or similar direct service (s).

Who is the administering agency for VOCA in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, the Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Criminal Justice Programs is the administering agency. The designated agency establishes policies and procedures. VOCA funds granted to the states are to be used by eligible public and private nonprofit organizations to provide direct services to crime victims.

When do the new VOCA regulations go into effect?

The final rule for its Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Formula Victim Assistance Grant Program was published in the Federal Register with an effective date of August 8, 2016. OCJP will have an effective date of January 1, 2017 for the new VOCA regulations.

What can VOCA funds be used for?

Equipment and Furniture: VOCA funds may be used to purchase furniture and equipment that provides or enhances direct services to crime victims. Costs must be pro-rated if the equipment is not used exclusively for victim-related activities. Clothing, furniture and appliance costs must be pre-approved by OCJP before a purchase is made.

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