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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the virtual trade show replace regional atmosphere events?

Does the Virtual Trade Show replace regional ATMOsphere events, such as ATMOsphere America or ATMOsphere Europe 2021? No. Regional ATMOsphere conferences will go ahead in a hybrid format (in-person and online) for 2021, and will be back to physical events in 2022.

What is a virtual trade show?

A virtual trade show takes this concept and makes it available online. Through online trade shows, sellers and buyers connect and talk about products and services online rather than in person.

Are there any trade shows for higher education in 2021?

Education Trade Shows & Conferences for 2021 While most events aimed at K-12 educators are on hold this year, there are virtual and live conferences being held for higher education. NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo – Association of International Educators Live: May 30-June 4, 2021 | Orlando, FL

Are B2B trade shows still relevant in 2021?

While reviewing some upcoming trade shows in the B2B industry, we’ve found that some organizations plan to host both online and in-person events going forward in 2021. Although virtual trade shows grew in popularity due to the need for social distancing, it looks like they will stay around for years to come.

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