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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Virani law?

Fy took that first-hand experience and opened Virani Law to help homeowners navigate their own insurance claims with the support and expertise they need to ensure the best possible settlement. With a free consultation we listen to your story and strategize an effective method of achieving fair results with your Insurer.

Why choose variablevirani law?

Virani Law’s involvement not only sped up the settlement process, but they negotiated a deal that exceeded our expectations. Their legal fees were very reasonable and I would recommend them to other families in the Fort McMurray region or elsewhere.” “Virani Law helped me after a few months of back and forth with my insurance company.

Why hire Virani law after the Fort McMurray fires?

“Shortly after the Fort McMurray wildfires, we retained Virani Law. Their team helped us recover significantly more money from the insurance company. We had several issues with our insurer, from smoke damage to our personal contents, to getting the appropriate expenses reimbursed.

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