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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Vinhomes riverside urban area?

In addition to the romantic beauty of Venice, Vinhomes Riverside urban area brings tranquil and fresh living environment in harmony with nature. Vinhomes Riverside project is located in NorthWest of Hanoi capital, just 6.5km away from downtown of Hanoi, 5.5km from Chuong Duong bridge.

Why choose a Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi Villa?

Villas in Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi designed by the owner with two types of villas or houses to creat a great new home in Hanoi to live: Semi-detached villa and detached villa based on the model of the city of Venice (Italia). Almost of them surrounded by charming river green tree systems.

What is the size of Riverside Hoa Phuong villas?

- Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Phuong Villas 1,2,3 (HP 1-2-3) mainly consist of detached villas with area of 300sqm, and the remaining villas with 350m2 to 450m2 in sizes. Especially, there are spacious villas with area up to 600sqm.

Where is Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Anh Dao Villa Zone located?

- Vinhome Riverside Hoa Anh Dao Villa Zone is located in 81m road opposite to Vinhomes Riverside Bang Lang villas - This area includes 366 luxury villas which are divided into 8 main zones. It has large main road, 3 frontages with small sized villas which are appropriate with customers’ finance.

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