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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Vinhomes Golden River Project located?

Vinhomes Golden River is a modern condominium project located in District 1, just next to Saigon River and with proximity to Binh Thanh District, international schools, Ba Son Historical Museum, and Vinhomes Central Park.

Where is the Golden River Project in Ho Chi Minh city?

Vinhomes Golden River will be constructed on the Ba Son grounds along the Saigon river, in the heart of District 1. Together with Tan Cang, the Ba Son area is part of Zone 3 of the planned new center for Ho Chi Minh City. The area will soon become home to new office skyscrapers, commercial centers, and beautiful riverside walks.

What are the facilities at the Golden River?

The facilities at the Golden River include: swimming pools for adults and kids, bbq area, playground, gym, international school, golf, tennis court, basket ball court, a very nice marina… An easy option to consider whether you are looking to rent or to buy.

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