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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Vinhomes riverside urban area?

In addition to the romantic beauty of Venice, Vinhomes Riverside urban area brings tranquil and fresh living environment in harmony with nature. Vinhomes Riverside project is located in NorthWest of Hanoi capital, just 6.5km away from downtown of Hanoi, 5.5km from Chuong Duong bridge.

What is the architecture style at Vinh que Vinhomes?

Stand out with luxurious and powerful Greek architecture All the adjacent villas in the Vinh Que Vinhomes The Harmony sub-area The Harmony are neoclassical Greek architectural style - this is also one of the most typical styles at the project.

What is the total land area of the Vinhomes Botanica?

The Vinhomes Botanica has a total of 65 units of land adjacent to each block from 74.5 m2 – 301 m2, the construction area from 52.9 m2 -250 m2 / unit. Vinhomes Botanica Villas has a total of 58 Villas with total land area from 209.2m2 to 381.65 m2.

What is the business model of valuevinhomes JSC?

Vinhomes JSC engages in the real estate services. It activities include consulting, brokerage, auction real estate and auction land use rights. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

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