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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name vigorous mean?

adjective. 1 Strong, healthy, and full of energy. 'a tall, vigorous, and muscular man'. More example sentences. 'And the pope, we're told, kept up his full, vigorous schedule this Christmas Eve, despite his frail health.'. 'Be vigorous and full of energy, and make ceaseless efforts.'. 'After a healthy life, this vigorous ...

What does moderate to vigorous mean?

Moderate intensity means that the activities require some effort but you can still talk while doing them. Examples of moderate intensity activities include: Cleaning the windows at home. Vigorous intensity means that the activities lead to harder breathing , or puffing and panting (depending on your fitness).

What is the adverb for vigorous?

Adverbs for vigorous include invigoratingly, vigorously and vigourously. Find more words at!

What does vigorous physical activity mean?

Vigorous-intensity exercise—sometimes called high-intensity exercise—is a physical activity done with a large amount of effort, resulting in a substantially higher heart rate and rapid breathing. Your exertion would be considered hard to extremely hard, making it difficult to speak in full sentences.

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