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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can an inmate stay in the county jail?

How long can an inmate remain in the county jail after being…. Any and all time will be applied to the 18 month sentence, should he be transferred. However, it is not uncommon for sentences up to 18 months be allowed to be completed in the county jail. Currently, it appears he has 358 days to apply to the 545 day (18 month) sentence.

What is County Jail?

County jail. The term "county jail" is used in the United States for jails maintained to hold prisoners in each of the many county divisions of a U.S. state. People may be moved into a county jail immediately after they are arrested, or may later be transferred to a county jail from a local holding cell or detention center.

What is a prison inmate?

A prisoner is an individual that has been convicted of a crime that is punishable by incarceration. A prisoner, also known as an inmate, is a person that is currently held at a prison or jail facility where he/she will serve out the sentence that was proposed by the courts of law.

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