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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install VideoScribe?

To complete the download of VideoScribe, go to your PC or Mac computer and visit our VideoScribe website. Log in with the details you gave when signing up and you will see a button to download the software.

What is VideoScribe and how does it work?

Video Scribe is an animation software that helps with your marketing goals. With VideoScribe you can make animation videos without previous training or massive fees. Express Scribe v 500 and later supports the following video file formats. If you dont wish to receive these emails please opt out here.

What file formats does express scribe support?

Explee is one of the most popular video scribe software available online that an help you create resounding whiteboard videos at the easiest. 3gp asf avi divx flv m4v mkv mov mp4 mpe mpeg mpg vob wmv For more information on the file formats that Express Scribe supports please visit Audio and File Formats that Express Scribe.

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