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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vermont a good state to live?

Vermont is a great place to live for completely different reasons. Crime here is really low; Vermont is the 4th safest state you can live in. (New Mexico is the most dangerous). If you value a good public school education, then Vermont is your place.

Is Vermont a good state to retire?

Yes, the taxes are high in the state of Vermont, but for most people, living in such a wonderful place is worth the price. While every city and town in Vermont has something wonderful and unique, here are 5 cities and 5 towns in Vermont that, according to Movoto and Area Vibes, are especially good for retiring in style.

Why is Vermont known as the Green Mountain State?

So that is the reason why Vermont is also called the “Green Mountain State”. Many affluent people from the city usually own a weekend house in the area so they can enjoy the Indian summer and the beautiful snowy winter. The state capital is Montpelier which is at the same time the smallest state capital in the U.S.

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