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Frequently Asked Questions

What does UW stand for in Wisconsin?

University of Wisconsin is abbreviated as UW (also UOW, UWis, UWS, UOW or UWis)

What is the UW System?

Find Job Openings. The UW System is a premier system of public universities and colleges and offers a variety of employment opportunities in the areas of faculty, non-faculty teaching, professional, clerical/administrative support, blue collar, and student jobs.

What is the motto of the University of Wyoming?

The University of Wyoming has come under fire for its new slogan, "The World Needs More Cowboys," with opponents complaining that the word "cowboy" is sexist and non-inclusive.

Is the University of Phoenix Online?

University of Phoenix Online is an above-average for-profit university. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 170,144 undergraduate students. The University of Phoenix Online acceptance rate is 100%.

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