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What happened to Ty Jordan University of Utah?

DENTON, Texas – (ABC4 News) – A University of Utah superstar football player, freshman running back Ty Jordan, has died. Rest In Peace, #22. Forever in our hearts. The 2020 Pac-12 Offensive Freshman Player of the Year allegedly died overnight in an ‘accidental shooting’ while in Texas.

Who is the Freshman of the year at Utah football?

Jordan is the first Utah player to earn conference Freshman of the Year honors in 20 years. Jordan, who accounted for 723 all-purpose yards, took over the starting job in the third game of the season, and rushed for 468 yards and 6 touchdowns in his final three games against Oregon State, Colorado and Washington State.

Why is there a light on the U in Utah football?

The lighting of the 'U' is symbolic in nature for Utah athletics, as it's usually done after one fo the athletic programs secures a victory during their respective season. But this time, it was meant as a way to honor Jordan, one of the top young college football players in the game.

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