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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Manage my Utah Gov account? Account Management Your account Log in with your Account Username Password Forgot your:Usernameor Password? Log in Create a account: New Account Create Your Account Activate an Account? Log In Technical Support Technical Support and Live Chat Phone:(801) 983-0275 Email:[email protected] Send Us Your Feedback

What is Utah Retirement Systems?

Utah Retirement Systems (URS), an independent component unit of the State of Utah, is responsible for administering retirement and defined contribution benefits for state, local government, and public education employees in the State of Utah. URS is composed of six defined benefit pension systems and five defined contribution plans.

How do I create a Urs account?

To create an account, you’ll need your URS account number — a W followed by eight digits. If you have questions, call 801-366-7700 or 800-365-8772. ROLL OVER OLD ACCOUNTS TO URS » Have old accounts from previous employers? Simplify your life and enjoy many benefits by rolling over old accounts to URS.

How many pension plans does the state of Utah have?

We administer eight defined benefit pension systems and four IRS-qualified retirement savings plans Mission Statement: We serve Utah public employees with retirement and insurance benefits in a partnership of trust with a commitment to value, innovation, and excellence.

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