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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You camp in an RV in Utah State Park?

With outdoor recreation on the rise, it is no surprise to see that most of our Utah State Parks offer both Tent and RV camping. For those of you who may be looking for a more modern camping experience, be sure to look for RV sites with full or partial hookups, as well as nearby restrooms and showers.

Where can I camp in Utah with full hookups?

Utah RV Campgrounds With Full Hookups 1 Moab Area. The Moab area is home to the Shady Acres RV Park and Campground, located on East Main in Green River. 2 Bluff Area. The Cadillac Ranch RV Park is located on Highway 191 in the Bluff area of southeastern Utah. ... 3 St. George Area. ... 4 Marysvale Area. ... 5 Circleville Area. ...

Why go camping in Utah?

Stay With Us Awhile! You can’t go wrong with a classic, and that’s where camping comes in. Whether your landscape of choice is the mountains and trees, or red rocks and sand, Utah has it all. Ranging from full hookup RV and trailer sites all the way to primitive camping, the majority of our parks across the state have a place to meet your style.

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