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What are Rule 26 initial disclosures?

Rule 26 - General Provisions Governing Discovery; Duty of Disclosure. (a) Required Disclosures. Unless otherwise ordered by the court or stipulated by the parties, provisions of this Rule shall not apply to domestic relations, juvenile, mental health, probate, water court proceedings subject to sections 37-92-302 to 37-92-305, C.R.S., forcible entry and detainer, C.R.C.P. 120, or other expedited proceedings.

What is Rule 26 disclosure?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a policy statement confirming the final rules and guidance on climate-related financial disclosures for asset managers ... and whether events such as COP:26 has amplified saver interest, with Stuart ...

What is 26 rule?

Twenty-six Kansas state legislators, local elected officials and newly elected school board members sent a letter to the Johnson County Board of Commissioners last week, pleading for the board to rescind its mandate by January.

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