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What was the population of Utah in 2010?

The last census in the USA was carried out in 2010, and this revealed that the Utah population stood at 2,763,885. This is a significant increase of over 20% from the numbers declared in 2000. Utah is currently the 4th fastest-growing state in the United States. Utah currently enjoys a growth rate of 1.64%, which ranks 4th in the country.

What are the fastest-growing cities in Utah?

Utah's St. George is currently one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country, and the state as a whole has the 4th highest growth rate. According to the Census Bureau, Utah's minority population is growing the fastest and quickly gaining on the white population as well.

Does Utah have a high or low black population?

Utah has one of the lowest African American population percentages in the nation, ranking 43rd out of 50 states. The state does, however, have one of the highest percentages of Hispanic residents in relation to toal population, ranking 12th out of 50 states.

What is the average age of a Utah resident?

The median age across the population of Utah is approximately 30.3 years of age. When examining the ratio of females to males among the residents of Utah, females are at 49.7% and males are at 50.3%.

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