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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Utah Daily Herald?

The Daily Herald is owned by Ogden Newspapers. The paper has a daily circulation of 32,000, with a Thursday circulation of 42,000 and a Sunday circulation of 36,000. It also owns nine community publications in Utah and Sanpete counties. The earliest predecessor of the Daily Herald, the Provo Daily Times, was founded in 1873.

What is the main newspaper in Logan Utah?

The Herald Journal. The Herald Journal is a daily newspaper in Logan, Utah, United States, which is published six mornings a week and serves the Cache Valley area of Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho which includes Cache County, Utah and Franklin County, Idaho.

What was the first newspaper in Provo Utah?

It was the first newspaper to be published in Provo, when Utah was still a frontier territory. The paper eventually changed its name to the Enquirer, and then to the Provo Post. A competitor, the Utah County Democrat, was founded in 1898 and renamed the Provo Herald in 1909.

What was the first major newspaper in the United States?

A historic major paper was the Salt Lake Daily Herald, a daily newspaper in Salt Lake City from 1870 to 1920. ^ "US Newspapers Currently Received". Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress.

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