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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Salt Lake County?

Investigators were called out to an area along the Jordan River in Salt Lake County that officials were originally calling a death with suspicious circumstances. A 21-year-old man has been booked into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail on homicide charges after one person was killed and another critically injured in a stabbing near downtown.

How many Utahns have died due to covid-19?

The Utah Department of Health on Thursday said 12 more Utahns have died due to COVID-19 and 1,687 residents have tested positive for the virus.

What's happening at the University of Utah bookstore on a Saturday?

Even though Saturdays are big shopping days elsewhere, things are normally quiet at the University of Utah campus bookstore. But this isn't your typical Saturday. You could feel the buzz and excitement about getting a bid to play at the Rose Bowl.

Is I-80 closed in Salt Lake City?

The Utah Department of Transportation will close I-80 in both directions between 700 East and Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City on Saturday night. Two men are facing several potential charges of aggravated kidnapping in connection with what the Grand County Sheriff's Office suspects is a case of human smuggling.

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