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What's happening at the University of Utah bookstore on a Saturday?

Even though Saturdays are big shopping days elsewhere, things are normally quiet at the University of Utah campus bookstore. But this isn't your typical Saturday. You could feel the buzz and excitement about getting a bid to play at the Rose Bowl.

Was a body found in a canal in Utah?

Lone Peak Fire District members saidUtah County Sheriff Search and Rescue and a Department of Public Safety helicopter aided in the rescue... Police have confirmed a person's body was found in a canal by a passerby in Salt Lake City. They said they were informed just before 11 a. m. after someone was walking by the canal and saw a body. The...

Is asthma hitting Salt Lake County harder?

Consider this Utah public health guidance amid COVID-19 Asthma is hitting some parts of Salt Lake County harder. Here’s why. Utah school districts are offering extra pay to attract substitute teachers.

Is I-80 closed in Salt Lake City?

The Utah Department of Transportation will close I-80 in both directions between 700 East and Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City on Saturday night. Two men are facing several potential charges of aggravated kidnapping in connection with what the Grand County Sheriff's Office suspects is a case of human smuggling.

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