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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an or or certificate of good standing in Utah?

Or Certificate of Good Standing is an official document issued by Utah validating that a business is authorized to transact business in Utah and that the company is in compliance with all state requirements.

What is the Utah Statewide warrants file (SWW)?

NOTE: The Utah Statewide Warrants file (SWW) is designed to provide information on individuals wanted in the state of Utah. The warrant information comes from courts that send in data to the Utah Criminal Justice Information System (UCJIS) via electronic transfer, which means that the data viewed is the direct result of court activity.

What does the Utah Office of recovery services do?

State of Utah - Office of Recovery Services ORS's primary mission is to promote responsibility. We help ensure that parents are financially responsible for their children by providing child support services and support for children in care.

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