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Who was the 17th Governor of Utah?

Governors who have served Utah since it became a state in 1896. Utah's governor today: Gary Richard Herbert is Utah's 17th governor. Prior to becoming governor, he served as lieutenant governor under Governor Jon M. Huntsman Jr. for nearly five years, before taking the Oath of Office on Aug. 11, 2009.

How many governors did the state of Utah have?

The self-proclaimed State of Deseret, precursor to the organization of the Utah Territory, had only one governor, Brigham Young. Utah Territory had 15 territorial governors from its organization in 1850 until the formation of the state of Utah in 1896, appointed by the President of the United States.

Who was governor of Salt Lake City in 1959?

He later served as Mayor of Salt Lake City during 1959–71. Governor Lee was born on January 7, 1899, and died on October 20, 1996. Born near Springville, Utah, Clyde became a recognized expert in water conservation and development.

What did governor Cutler do for Utah?

As governor, Cutler founded a state juvenile court system, ordered compilation and codification of state laws, and provided for registration of births and deaths by the state. Governor Cutler was born on February 5, 1846, and died on July 30, 1928. A native of Windsor, Berkshire, England, Spry came to Utah in 1875.

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