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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all US governors get paid the same salary?

Though the United States’ governors all share the same title, the nation’s 50 state leaders do not share the same salary. Using the most recent data from The Council of State Governments (CSG), we examined the salaries of the current governor’s roster to see how much each makes.

How much does the Illinois governor make a year?

Governor: J.B. Pritzker (Democrat) Salary: $177,412* *As noted in the Book of States 2019, Governor Pritzker previously said he will not take his salary. The Chicago Tribune reported in January that the then governor-elect additionally promised to double his top aides’ state salaries using his personal fortune.

What is the salary of the Arizona governor?

Governor Doug Ducey. Governor: Doug Ducey (Republican) Salary: $95,000 Governor Asa Hutchinson. Governor: Asa Hutchinson (Republican) Salary: $148,134 Governor Gavin Newsom answers questions at a Capitol news conference in Sacramento, California.

What is the salary of the Governor of the state of Michigan?

Governor: Pete Ricketts (Republican) Salary : $105,000 Governor Steve Sisolak. Governor: Steve Sisolak (Democrat) *As noted in the Book of States 2019, Governor Sisolak previously pledged to donate his net state salary back to high-poverty K-12 public schools throughout all four years of his term.

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