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Does Utah’s governor have an obscene last name?

Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox (R). A Utah voter apparently has a hard time with the surname of the state’s Republican governor, Spencer Cox. In fact, the unnamed citizen sent a letter to Cox last week demanding he change his last name to something less “obscene.”

Should Utah Governor Spencer Cox change his surname?

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox shared a letter he received from "a very concerned citizen" last week who asks... no, demands... that the leader of the Beehive State change his surname or face protests. "I do not know if you know this," the letter starts, "but when people say your surname it sounds like the word [slang for male sex organ]. It's obscene!

Will Governor Cox change his ‘obscene’ last name?

Governor Spencer Cox (R-Utah) with a letter he received from a ‘very concerned citizen’ calling on him to change his ‘obscene’ last name. (Gov. Cox/ABC4) SALT LAKE CITY ( ABC4) – We all have one, we receive it at birth – a last name.

Did Utah’s governor deny ‘basic human dignity’ because of his name?

The governor of Utah is being accused of denying “basic human decency” — because of his name. Gov. Spencer Cox, a Republican, needs to change his “obscene” name forthwith, according to a letter from a constituent that told him that “when people say your surname, it sounds like” an obscenity.

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