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Frequently Asked Questions

How bad is the drought in Utah?

The U.S. Drought Monitor puts 90% of Utah in the category of “extreme drought” and says that more than 2.7 million people in the state are impacted. Southern Utah recently elevated its drought to exceptional — an even worse category.

Which Utah communities ran dry on their drinking water this summer?

A man stands along dry shoreline at Scofield Reservoir on Friday, Aug. 27, 2021. Two other Utah communities — Echo and Hyde Park — also ran dry on their drinking water supplies this summer due to the drought that is impacting all corners of Utah.

How bad is the drought in California right now?

Over 90% of the state is currently experiencing extreme or exceptional drought conditions, which can cause more wildfires, reduce agricultural production and affect wildlife populations.

What is the drought doing to the US West?

It comes as the drought has the US west bracing for a brutal wildfire season and coping with already low reservoirs. The Utah governor, Republican Spencer Cox, has begged people to cut back on lawn watering and “pray for rain”.

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