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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a new car title in Utah?

To obtain a used car title in Utah on a car you just bought, you will need to have the original certificate of title or fill out Form TC-123, Application for Duplicate Utah Title. When using this form to get a new car title, make sure the following things are accurate:

What is a salvage title in Utah?

Utah Salvage Title. In the state of Utah, insurance companies have the authority to declare a vehicle a total loss if your automobile is in an accident. If your insurance claims the total loss or the word salvage has been stamped on the title, it is illegal to operate your vehicle on any road in Utah.

How do you get a copy of your vehicle registration?

To obtain a duplicate copy of your vehicle registration by mail, submit a request to the office of your county clerk that includes: your license plate number. your vehicle identification number (VIN) and. the required $3 fee.

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