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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for liteblue?

Go access your account. You will need your USPS employee ID number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Select the button the “Employee Apps” at the bottom of the “My HR” page.

How do I use eopf employee self service?

Welcome to eOPF Employee Self Service. You may view and print documents in your electronic Official Personnel Folder. You will need your Employee Identification Number and your USPS Self Service Password to access this system.

What happens to my information on liteblue after I leave service?

Your information that is currently available on LiteBlue will be gone after your separation. Once you leave service LiteBlue will no longer be available to you, so be sure to download the following list from LiteBlue so you can maintain your own records.

What is my eopf user ID and password?

Your eOPF User ID and password are identical to your ACE workstation / Outlook User ID and password. To have your ACE / Outlook password automatically reset, click on the link below:

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