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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Palestine Information Office Open in the US?

The Palestine Information Office was registered with the Justice Department of the United States as a foreign agent until 1968, when it was closed. It was reopened in 1989 as the Palestine Affairs Center. The PLO Mission office, in Washington D.C was opened in 1994, and represented the PLO in the United States.

What is AMP doing for Palestine?

Mobilizing Diverse Communities Across the country Through its grassroots campaigns, AMP has mobilized a number of diverse communities in the US to take meaningful action for Palestine.

When did the American Friends of the Palestinian community start?

The organization was founded in 2006 and opened its national offices in Palos Hills, IL in 2009. The promotion of liberty and human dignity for the Palestinians is nothing without your work. You’ve shown New Jersey and the country that Palestinians are committed to the ideals of democracy.

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