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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from moonwalk USA?

We also carry commercial grade party tents, tables, chairs, accessories and much more. Since opening in 2003, Moonwalk USA has been grown into an industry-leading inflatable manufacturer. All of our units are high-quality, built-to-last, and designed for safety. durability and fun!

What is a lunar EVA moonwalk?

One lunar EVA was not a moonwalk, but rather a stand-up EVA partially out the top hatch of the LM, where it was thought that the extra height would help with surveying the area prior to conducting the moonwalks.

How far did astronauts travel on the moonwalks?

All moonwalks were performed with astronauts untethered, and some of the astronauts traveled far enough to lose visual contact with their craft (they were up to 7.6 km away from it using the Lunar Roving Vehicle ).

What did Conrad and Bean do on the first Apollo 12 moonwalk?

14. During the first Apollo 12 moonwalk, Conrad and Bean deployed the modular equipment stowage assembly, collected and stowed the contingency sample, erected the solar wind foil, collected core samples and more surface samples, and deployed the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package.

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