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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose usausa modular?

USA Modular offers a complete turnkey package to our customer. With over thirty years of experience, we provide mobile, modular and permanent structures throughout the United States. This included engineering, project management, transportation and site services that best serve our customers.

What is a modular home manufacturer?

What Is a Modular Home Manufacturer? A modular home manufacturer builds housing modules inside of a factory. These modules are then assembled on site by a builder, who takes care of finishing work, utility connections, and other final punch list items. Modular homes rest on a permanent foundation—either a crawl space or a full basement.

Why USA modular for classrooms?

USA Modular supplies classrooms that will meet your specific layout and design concerns. USA Modular can have a construction trailer built to suit your project needs. USA Modular provides 8’-0” x20’-0” and 8’-0” x 40’-0” Sea Containers for Storage, Office Containers.

How many states do modular homes come in?

This modular home manufacturer conglomerate operates a network of factories that build and deliver homes in 32 states. You can shop for a basic bungalow of just 832 square feet or find a more expansive home for a growing family that spans up to 2,000 square feet.

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