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Frequently Asked Questions

When does enrollment for the fall UPAY payment plan open?

Enrollment for the Fall UPay Payment Plan will open July 1st, 2021. There is a non-refundable enrollment fee required for a semester plan.

Does the University of Massachusetts Amherst offer a payment plan?

The University of Massachusetts Amherst works with Nelnet Business Solutions (QuikPAY) to provide a no-interest installment payment plan program for students. This payment plan allows for monthly installments to be scheduled from a US bank account or charged to a credit. Our undergraduate plan allows for five (5) monthly payments per semester.

What is an individual payment plan?

Individual payment plan: Individual payment plans are for people who owe taxes but don’t qualify for a guaranteed installment agreement. Short- and long-term individual payment plans are available for taxpayers who owe less than $100,000 in taxes, including penalties and interest.

What are the costs of an IRS payment plan?

IRS payment plan costs vary based on which plan you select. The total cost of IRS payment installment agreements includes accrued penalties and interest until the balance is paid in full. Combined, these can add up to 8% to 10% a year, so paying promptly reduces your total tax debt.

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