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What happened in 1998 in the UK?

Events from the year 1998 in the United Kingdom . 5 January – The UK takes over the Presidency of the EC's Council of Ministers until 30 June. 3 February – Stamps commemorating Diana, Princess of Wales go on sale across the UK.

What happened on Good Friday 1998?

10th April 1998 On Good Friday, eighteen hours after the end of the talks deadline, the Belfast Agreement is signed between the Irish and British governments and most Northern Ireland political parties, with the notable exception of the Democratic Unionist Party. 14th May 1998 Frank Sinatra, American entertainer (b. 1915) dies. 26th May 1998

Did France win the 1998 World Cup?

France Wins 1998 World Cup in France. The 16th FIFA World Cup began during June of 1998 and was held in France. A total of 32 teams qualified for the tournament and the matches were held across ten different cities in the country. During the 64 matches a total of 165 goals were scored.

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