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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the royal family go on Christmas Day?

The Royal family was this year, like many of us, separated and scattered as they celebrated Christmas Day The Queen, who recently suffered a bout of ill health, remained at Windsor Castle for pared back festivities Prince William and Kate stayed in Norfolk where the pair were hosting members of the Middleton family

Why are the Royals sitting next to each other at Christmas?

While the family were forced to adhere to social distancing rules last year amid concerns for King Harald's safety during the pandemic, the royals were able to sit next to each other for the latest festive photo.

Where is the Norwegian royal family’s Christmas Portrait?

+4 Copy link to paste in your message The Norwegian royal family have released their annual Christmas portrait, putting on a cheery display from the royal palace in Oslo.

What do the Royals eat on Christmas Eve?

The first time the Royals congregate on Christmas Eve is for afternoon tea at 4pm, often in the ornate Sandringham saloon under its exquisitely painted ceiling. It involves a large cake, usually a ginger cake or honey and cream sponge; a fruit cake would clash with the following day’s Christmas cake

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