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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Prince Harry now?

Harry is now a private citizen, domiciled in a foreign country – entirely by his own choice. None of the royals wanted this to happen, least of all his father and brother, but it has.

Did Prince Harry yell at William over Meghan?

Harry shouted at William in row over Meghan, book claims PRINCE Harry shouted at his brother Prince William when he questioned his relationship with... Kate Middleton’s quirky Christmas gift to Prince Harry, unveiled in front of the Queen THE MEMBERS of the Royal Family are one step ahead of each other when it comes to having quirky...

Can Prince Harry claim he was not told about his abdication?

He cannot claim he was not told. For him now to be threatening legal action against the Government, and by extension against the Queen herself, is completely unprecedented for any royal, even one who has abdicated his official duties.

When can I unsubscribe from the Harry and Meghan newsletter?

You can unsubscribe whenever you want. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, married in May 2018 before ceasing to be working members of the British Royal Family.

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