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Frequently Asked Questions

Is UCSB a good school?

UCSB is an excellent university that has a wide variety of majors for students to study. Most of the faculty are great and they offer great courses that can interest many student. Great Campus and have had an overall good experience with professors and classes themselves.

Does UCSB have good baseball?

UCSB was given a rank of 133 out of the 271 schools in its division in our most recent Best Colleges for Division I Men’s Baseball report. In terms of financials, the UCSB baseball program paid out $2,301,656 in expenses and made $2,301,656 in total revenue. So, the program broke even.

Does UCSB have a business major?

UCSB Majors Though UCSB does not offer a comprehensive degree in business, many of our students successfully pursue careers in business. If you are looking to choose a major at UCSB that will best prepare you for a path like this, there are a number of majors that can prepare you well.

What is UCSB best known for?

UCSB is best known for their very fast paced research driven academics and beatiful Santa Barbara weather. Anna This school has had a bit of a reputation of a party school, but everyone is mostly very good and balancing work and fun.

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